Corpus Christi Prayer for Offering

Happy Feast of Corpus Christi!

It occurred to me, so I thought I would post this little prayer for offering up our sufferings to God. And today seems like a perfect day for revisiting our devotion to the sacrifice of Christ and our need to unite our suffering to His perfect sacrifice! I have not been very good at it lately (am I ever?) and in Mass today this prayer came to me so I want to share it before I forget it! And hopefully that way I will remember to pray it myself…

I’m not sure if he has a post about it yet on his own blog, but my husband, Joseph, often thinks about the necessity of offering our sufferings up to God, as well as the impossibility of our doing it on our own. We need to beg for the graces to offer them up, since Christ is the only perfect sacrifice.,_Athens_-_Crucifixion_-_15th_century_-_Photo_by_Giovanni_Dall%27Orto,_Nov_12_2009.jpg/400px-1986_-_Byzantine_Museum,_Athens_-_Crucifixion_-_15th_century_-_Photo_by_Giovanni_Dall%27Orto,_Nov_12_2009.jpg

I don’t know about you, but how true that is for me! I have such a hard time offering up my sufferings, when they’re really tough ones. I want to hold on so hard to the frustration, to the begrudging anger at a person or myself or — yes, though I hate to admit it — God, for allowing or doing or saying such a thing.

So today in Mass, I received the grace of this little prayer — the grace in fact to even realize I should say a prayer to help me be more willing in my sacrifices! More and more in my Christian life I’m learning how we don’t need to have these good thoughts/desires/actions blooming in us to begin with — since they never come from us to begin with, but through the grace of God alone! — and I’m learning how to ask for the grace to want to pray and do good.

Quite a revelation for someone who grew up in a mindset of self-reliance! But from what I’ve seen of those raised in Christianity, as well, it’s quite a revelation for all of us.

But at any rate, here’s the prayer:

Most Sorrowful Jesus, please unite my sorrows to your most holy wounds, and offer them to your Father for the sake of us poor sinners. I abandon all my anxiety and frustration to you, most perfect Sacrifice; please make of me a fragrant offering to the Lord and keep me forever in your most Sacred Heart. Amen.


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