Because Jesus Is There

I wanted to share something that happened with the kidlets the other day, one of those “from the mouths of babes” moments that awe and humble us best. Proof, once again, that kids are way smarter than the rest of us.

In the effort to make some connections, get the kids (and me) some social time and not go crazy, we recently joined a local playdate “meetup” group.  The first meetup we went to was at a library singing-and-dancing story time we hadn’t known about (which, by the way, is the SMARTEST. THING. EVER. Whoever thought up the idea of quiet library story times for large groups of 1- to 4-year-olds was just trying to torture parents and innocent library patrons alike!)

So, the singing-dancing story time was a big hit with my two. It was fun to watch their different personalities, as Rocky ran out to the front of the group and started acting out the motions with big-armed gusto, while Rosie hung back in the great crowd of wiggling kids and gravitated to my lap.

At the beginning (as we now know well), the children’s librarian who leads it always starts with a “Hello” song, and at the beginning she calls out, “Everybody turn to somebody you love and give them a big hug!” Well, Rocky, being way up ahead of Rosie and I, turns and looks around himself for a minute as the kids around him run to the sides to hug their moms (and one dad ;). Then he runs up to the front and hugs the librarian (a perfect stranger) by the leg, catching her by surprise just as she’s turning away.

I thought it was so cute, I told his dad about it after we got home. Kind of surprised, he turned to Rocky and asked him about it. “When she said to hug somebody you love, you hugged the librarian?” And Rocky’s response was, “Yeah!”

“Why?” Dad asked.

“Well… because Jesus was there!”

And bam. You’re officially in one of those parent moments when you realize you’ve been visited with unadulterated truth from the mouths of babes, and you really haven’t been living up to something that is completely obvious to a three-year-old.

Well, of course she was somebody he loved.

She’s the image and likeness of God. She bears Jesus in her heart, in her body, in her soul.

What’s not to love?

All I can say is, thank you, God, for reminding me how much more loving this heart needs to be doing. And for blessing these babes with such a lovely view of You!


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