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Keeping the Word: Second Sunday of Advent

I am going to begin a new segment on this blog where I reflect on the Sunday readings of the scripture at Mass. So often I have all these thoughts that swim around in my head during the homily, and I never get them out, and they fritter away amid the rush of lunch and… Continue reading Keeping the Word: Second Sunday of Advent

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Queen of Heaven Prayer in the Ordinariate (English Regina Caeli)

I finally found it!! We are members of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter -- officially, now, since our oldest son received his Sacrament of First Communion in the Ordinariate this Divine Mercy Sunday! The Ordinariate is the structure set up by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to welcome Anglicans, Episcopalians, and Methodists… Continue reading Queen of Heaven Prayer in the Ordinariate (English Regina Caeli)


Devotional Planner video!

It's a movie star! Lol. Thanks to the awesomeness of the google photos app, I made a video of the new full 2017 Marian Martha Devotional Planner! Check it out:  


Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

I hope you all have a beautiful feast of St. Nicholas! I have so enjoyed learning more about this great Saint of the Church who became Santa Clause! We've never celebrated the traditions of St. Nicholas' day before, so this year I did some research and adopted all the traditions I found: put out shoes… Continue reading Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

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Free download: Weekly Homeschool Checklist!

Download my weekly homeschool checklist with a lovely picture of Our Lady and Our Lord on a two-page layout! Simply share on social media to download for free, or donate $2. Visit the link for printing instructions. Get the checklist! I can't wait to use this for my kids' schooling! I hope you enjoy it!… Continue reading Free download: Weekly Homeschool Checklist!


New Catholic Devotional Planner!

You guys -- I made a thing!! I've been working (on and off) on this project since February, and I'm so excited with how it turned out! Isn't it purdy? :) I'm in love. I hope you'll love it, too! Please click on my new "Shop" or "Catholic Devotional Planner" links above to learn more.… Continue reading New Catholic Devotional Planner!

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Organic Homeschool Scheduling in a Charlotte Mason home

A.k.a., "How I eventually gave up trying to be like Other Homeschool Moms and figured out how I school with a 6 year old, 5 year old, and 1 year old"! So, I'm new to this whole thing. Remember when you were new to parenting, reading up on all the blogs and books, sifting through all… Continue reading Organic Homeschool Scheduling in a Charlotte Mason home


Low-carb, Vegetarian “Spaghetti”

It's a tough Lent when your family is variously eating low-carb in some quarters, gluten-free in others, and meatless in others. Feeding the hoards becomes a little bit of a trick. Especially when you open the freezer and discover you did not actually have a stash of frozen tilapia filets to fry up. So what do you… Continue reading Low-carb, Vegetarian “Spaghetti”

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Free Catholic Printable Valentines!

  So... our co-op is having a Valentine's Day party tomorrow--or, rather, joining the multi-co-op St. Valentine's Day party, complete with valentine exchange, cupcakes, snacks, and crafts. And sixty kids!! Sixty kids--my kids will be in heaven. Me? All I can see are the dozens of cupcakes to bake, the crafts to make, and the bazillions… Continue reading Free Catholic Printable Valentines!


The Feast of All Souls and Indulgences

Have relatives who have passed away? Have compassion for all the dead? Pray for the holy souls in Purgatory today and all week! Just like when we ask others to pray for us on earth, our prayers can help those who died wanting to love God, but not accomplishing it very well, to be purified… Continue reading The Feast of All Souls and Indulgences