Free Printable Catholic Valentines

catholic valentines marianmartha

So… our co-op is having a Valentine’s Day party tomorrow–or, rather, joining the multi-co-op St. Valentine’s Day party, complete with valentine exchange, cupcakes, snacks, and crafts. And sixty kids!!

Sixty kids–my kids will be in heaven. Me? All I can see are the dozens of cupcakes to bake, the crafts to make, and the bazillions of valentines to bring for all the kids! Also, I have zero budget for bags of heart-shaped candies and whatnot.

So what do I do? Turn to my trusty Word program, a little googling, and a beautifully sturdy black-and-white printer.


To compensate for the bland b&w imagery, I used brightly colored cardstock (which my dear printer complained against, yet valiantly attempted and only printed most of them at a festive angle.)

The other bonus was an afternoon of entertainment as my 6yo quickly claimed the stack of newly-cut cards to color. Thankfully, most of the b&w images I found were actually coloring pages, so it worked out perfectly!


Many thanks to Catholic Playground, for two of the images, and Catholic All Year, whose own printable valentines inspired the quotes I used. (If you have a color printer, check Kendra’s valentines out for some beautiful Catholic printable valentines!)

And, without further ado, here are the ones I put together. Be sure to print double-sided if your printer can, or do manual duplex to print first the fronts then the backs.

Click here to open/download/print: Catholic Valentines MarianMartha


And enjoy!