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He is Risen, Alleluia! He is truly risen, Alleluia, alleluia! To celebrate, I wanted to share a prayer with you. In so many ways, Saint Joseph has been calling to me lately. In a winding path, as they always are, of joy and sudden sorrow, he reached out to me lately as a special patron […]

Divine Mercy

I mean to post this on Divine Mercy Sunday, but you know how these things get away from us…! But I think our Good Shepherd has carved some time out for me today, to help me post it on Good Shepherd Sunday — and Mother’s day! Our Lady is always quietly helping us along… A […]


So, after some health issues and tips from my crunchy healthcare provider, plus having made a decision to cut some of the massive time commitments in my life, I’ve finally decided to become more responsible for our family meals (goodbye fast food circuit!), and go “clean” while we’re at it. And to give myself some […]

How to get your kids to pray - MarianMartha

If you grew up reciting prayers, or even offering off-the-cuff prayers, holding hands, in the Protestant tradition, you may be so used to prayer that it doesn’t strike you how incredibly bold — forthright even — prayer is. Then again, I don’t think it really hit me until after I had a three-year-old (now a […]


I haven’t posted here in ages, so I’ll make it short and sweet to encourage myself about how easy it is! Tonight I had an amazing experience, which happens to me so rarely (culinary success!) that I thought the whole internet should know. I was overtired, my hub was stuck in traffic as usual, and […]


I wanted to share something that happened with the kidlets the other day, one of those “from the mouths of babes” moments that awe and humble us best. Proof, once again, that kids are way smarter than the rest of us. In the effort to make some connections, get the kids (and me) some social […]


You guys are going to love this–my hubby discovered this one night last week, as we were launching into the most recent prayer-time battle before putting the kids to bed. (You think we’d have noticed our major family prayer time always happens right before bedtime, that most delightful of times for toddlers! But no.) So […]


Happy Feast of Corpus Christi! It occurred to me, so I thought I would post this little prayer for offering up our sufferings to God. And today seems like a perfect day for revisiting our devotion to the sacrifice of Christ and our need to unite our suffering to His perfect sacrifice! I have not […]

It’s just one of those days. For you, too? When all of the to-do’s, and the bills, and the whines of the kids are beating you around the head–right-hook! left-hook! right-left-right!–and you can’t tell which way is up. Or out–which is, of course, the same thing, if I could just remember to send up a […]


I have so many emotions following the announcement of Pope Benedict’s retirement from the Papacy. Sad, so sad to lose this Papa who has stood so firmly for the deep, dynamic truths of the Catholic faith and liturgy. Who has spoken so eloquently, urging us to hold tight to the live-giving truth of Christ in […]


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